Beyond Average Certified Aluminum Repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL

High Caliber Body Work

The highly trained professionals at Fender Mender Auto Body are always learning and keeping up with new technology. We see a variety of vehicles at our shop in Fort Lauderdale, FL and are capable of working on them all. Over the past few years, the use of aluminum in vehicles has been growing tremendously. It’s ability to keep its strength while being lighter than steel has made manufacturers prefer it over steel panels. The reason many makers such as Ford have pushed for aluminum is because in order to keep up with increasingly strict environmental regulations, they need to make their vehicles use less fuel. A great way to do this is by making vehicles weigh less, which is where aluminum comes into the picture. If your vehicle has aluminum panels and needs quality certified aluminum repairs, come down to our shop today. We are located at 1165 NW 55th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 or can be reached at (954)-772-0313. We also have an online scheduler to get you the quality auto aluminum repair whenever it works for you.

The change in the body panels from steel to aluminum ushers in a variety of other changes as well. The two metals have many different qualities and characteristics. Normal steel panels have what is called metal memory, meaning that it can snapped back into its original shape via taps and bumps. Aluminum, on the other hand, forms to any shape and forgets its previous one. This makes the repairing process much longer and the work much more difficult. If that was not enough, aluminum also gains strength when it is bent. This means that the more damage a piece of aluminum receives, the stronger it’ll get causing it to be very difficult to morph it back to its original condition. These characteristics are just a few of the differences between the two metals. Not to worry though, the experts here in Fort Lauderdale, are highly qualified to perform auto aluminum repair, just as well as they do regular bodywork. Check them out today!

The different characteristics of steel and aluminum call for different procedures when handling the certified aluminum repairs. Aluminum requires a keen eye for detail, especially because every manufacturer uses different gauges and types of aluminum. Our artistic experts gradually use a combination of specialty tools to slowly mold your cars body panels back to their original shape. They carefully heat the aluminum just enough to bend it without overheating it, which would cause the paint to be damaged or the aluminum to either crack, break and even melt. Following this careful heating process, the pros then carefully use hammers, picks, dollies, and weld on pins to shape the body panel. This is done very carefully to ensure the panel doesn’t get any high spots, low spots, or even holes. The professionals at our collision shop are excited to get your vehicle repaired and love being able to perform excellent bodywork. Allow us to return your car back to its pre-accident condition today and drive away with something you can be proud of.